Gore All The Time​!​!​!​.​.​.

by Boy GORE!

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Formerly the aborted half of a split with GORE OBSESSED now re-animated as a scab incrusted E.P. straight out of the Crypt of Crepitation!!!...


released July 4, 2015

Boy Gore is...
Mike "HorrorMaster" Perez - All instruments of torture,Death Rattles and Vocal Disharmonies...
ft.guest leads by
Jude "J.V. Nasty" Vargas
and guest vocal appearances by Jeff Gojisan and Ed Baker on the intro of "Menstrual Massacre"...
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered/and Engineered by
M.R.Perez at Screams in Silence Studios and Studio 86 st varying times from 2009 to 2012...



all rights reserved


Boy GORE! Corona, California

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Track Name: Crypt of Crepitation...
disgorging necrotic emesis,
amidst an orgy of cadavers,
rusted blades start to molest,
the warmth of flesh and innards...
excreting septic refuse,
as lifeless bowels are voided,
remains are left to decompose
into a feast for hungry vermin...
your fate is sealed within,
an ancient rotting tomb,
your senses overwhelmed,
by post mortem's fumes,
perfumed with the funk,
of 40,000 years,
conquered by the worms,
as you weep purrulent tears!!!
Track Name: Zombie Apocalypse(Mortician Cover)...
No more room in Hell
Putrid rotting smell
Hunger need to kill

Ripping through the Earth
Lust for blood and death
Seeking human flesh

Hunger of the dead
Human corpses bled

Ripping off the heads
Bones are torn of flesh

Guts are torn apart
Pulling out the hearts
Bones are left to rot

Bodies stripped of flesh
Hell now walks the earth
Zombie plague of death
Track Name: Menstrual Massacre...
the odour of uterian haemmorhaging,
fills me with a devious lust,
so I wait in my box so patiently,
until it's that time of the month!!!
when some teenaged girl comes to by me,
and sticks me in her cunt,
I'll burrow my way deep inside of her,
and mutilate her fucking guts!!!
extra absorbent death-
engorged with her cunt blood...
the menstrual massacre-
will be her final period!!!
*additional lyrics were destroyed when
flushed down the toilet with a plastic applicator -.-*
Track Name: In Gore We Trust!!!...
die by the scalpel,
and live for the gore,
lust for the kill.
fist fuck the sore,
splatter cadavers,
guts spilled on the floor,
the joys of dismemberment,
we truely adore!!!

rot in filth is my decree
dead flesh decays eternally
blazing forth a trail of blood
murderous fiends...IN GORE WE TRUST!!!{c}

platters of splatter,
served up in the morgue,
drinking our fill from the goblet of gore...
an army of surgeons we march into war,
your remains sliced and diced,
on the cutting room floor!!!


I pledge allegiance to the blade...
and the defilement of your anatomy...
entombed in a coffin or displayed upon the slab...
a mangled carcass rife with gore,
left to fester in filth and putrefaction for all!!!...
Track Name: All U Can Eat!!!...
Catering the feast of flesh,
sacrificial gore buffet,
serving up platters of death,
specialty dishes and gourmet

consuming human meat...
A cannibalistic feast...
A smorgasbord of gore...
leaves you hungry for more!!!
[LEAD - Manwhiches and Lady Fingers by Dr. J.V. Nasty]

severed body parts are fed
to each of your dinner guests
the most disgusting delicacies
an authentic egyptian feast!!!
the daughter you thought dissapeared
is actually this evening's meal
sacrifice to Ishtar...
Godess of Death and Destruction!!!